Grain Store Cleaning

Clean all parts of your grain store quickly and easily without stirring up dust with a Big Brute.

Cleaning a grain store is essential before storing your new harvest in it.

Before fumigating, clean out every part of your grain stores, silos, pits and augers with a Big Brute vacuum cleaner.

By giving it a thorough clean out, you can prevent cross-contamination with other grains and reduce the likelihood of your grain being infested with insects or mould.

Big Brute Warehouseman Vacuum Cleaners are ideal for cleaning large, grain store floors, quickly and easily. Their front-mounted floor brushes sweep up dust and debris at walking pace, without stirring dust up into the air or leaving that gritty feeling underfoot afterwards.

The Big Brute's long hoses let you clean right up high into rafters and augers or deep into grain pits without having to get your vacuum cleaner down there with you.

Often it's a quick, infrequent clean you want, making hiring a Big Brute from an official Big Brute Hire Centre the most cost-effective option.

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